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Translation service


Quality Interpreters

IFK provides professional services including Japanese, English, Chinese translation, notarized translation, contract translation, international study document translation, high quality for individuals and businesses.

Accurate Translation

IFK is a translation agency specializing in providing Japanese, Vietnamese and English translations for Japanese partners in Vietnam.
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Interpreting Services

cong ty phai cu phien dich tieng nhat

Dispatch Translation

IFK specializes in providing Japanese language interpretation services at: International Conference, Trade Negotiation, Internal meeting, market survey, factory search ...

Short Term Interpreters

We will assign the best interpreter to suit your needs. Interpretation support from tour guide and serial translator to simultaneous interpretation of important business conferences and conferences, speeches and lectures
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Japanese study abroad consultant


Study abroad in Japan

IFK is linking and accompanying with HESED language school - a leading prestigious Japanese language training school Japanese Ministry of Education and Justice accreditation - to promote study abroad programs at school.

Du Học Nhật Uy Tín

IFK với những kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực dịch thuật và kết nối những trường tiếng Nhật, những doanh nghiệp Nhật Bản cùng những thành công trong việc đưa các sinh viên đi học, thực tập và làm việc tại Nhật Bản
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Organized internships in Japan

Thuc tap tai nhat ban IFK

Internship In Japan

The program is implemented on the cooperation between major universities in Ho Chi Minh City. Helping Vietnamese students have opportunities to practice with their major.

Program Objectives

Hone personal skills at units in Japan, experience culture, improve Japanese skills, and job opportunities after internships. With the experience and cooperation from the partner, the program has been implemented and deployed in many schools.
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Human Resources Introduction


Japanese Jobs

Receiving university graduates with N3 and N2 Japanese proficiency to work in Japan in different fields.

Job Introduction

IFK has experience working with Japanese and Vietnamese partners, promoting, supporting and connecting Vietnamese human resources and businesses in Japan.
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Japanese Language Training

trung tam tieng nhat uy tin tphcm

Japanese Language Education

IFK organizes Japanese classes from elementary to advanced levels for international students to practice and work in Japan. at a Japanese company

Learn Japanese IFK

With a team of teachers from translators, and translators graduated from Pedagogical University with many years of experience in Japanese companies, you will help you to hone your Japanese language.
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IFK service quality philosophy

IFK Company considers quality as “pleasing customers” and has a quality philosophy of “providing products that always satisfy customers”.

Each employee strives to implement a quality philosophy, keeping in mind the principles of action and working style to always ensure quality at all stages and in all fields.

The reason for choosing IFK Education and Translation Services

Service Making customers happy

High quality service

With the aim of providing high quality services, IFK always tries to complete the best at every stage.

Quick Support

At IFK, translation and other services always prioritize speed to complete quickly.

Information security

All of our staff are committed to confidentiality and are willing to sign with customers.

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