IFK Prestigious Contract Translation Service

Contract Translation

IFK Education and Translation Company specializes in providing Japanese – Vietnamese – English contract translation services, and is trusted by many the most prestigious clients in the multilingual translation and interpretation industry in Vietnam.

When you need a translation of a contract such as a partnership agreement, principals contract, share rights transfer agreement, privacy agreement, merger agreement, etc, if the translation was inaccurate, it would lead to serious consequences, and detrimental to the company. To avoid this, IFK Translation provides the most reputable, quality contract translation service and we pride ourselves on having a wealth of experience in the contract translation. We have been working with large and small businesses, companies in Vietnam and Japan, especially companies with Japanese investment in Vietnam.

With the motto “Constantly innovating for global integration”, IFK is constantly innovating, modernizing trends to provide customers with the best translation services. We always put the peace of mind and trust of our customers first, providing customers with the best quality and best services.

You can refer to the List of Translation Contracts and contact us for prompt assistance and quotation.

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IFK Prestigious Contract Translation Service



IFK is committed to keeping all client information and translation contract confidential.


The professional translator team has experience in contract translation in many fields.


Before handing over the translation to customers, our team will carefully review the translation many times.

IFK Prestigious Contract Translation Service​


Reasonable cost

IFK provides quality translation services at a reasonable price. We support all forms of payment in Vietnam and Japan. After receiving the actual document, we will contact you to quote immediately.

Professional Translators

 IFK Vietnamese and Japanese native translators and editors are all well-trained, highly qualified, experienced from universities specializing in translation and interpretation, domestic and foreign languages. Therefore, customers can be completely assured of the quality of our translations and services.

Quick Translation

IFK always ensures the fastest and fastest translation, and we are committed to not incurring any urgent translation fees. The translation will be scanned and sent via mail, express delivery (EMS), or shipping method depending on the customer’s request.

Quality of Translation Service


The translators of IFK have high qualifications, activity, enthusiasm. They also have large knowledge in a variety of fields.

We not only translating the meaning of each sentence from the word but also focus on the meaning of the whole sentence and the whole text. This is an important factor that we focus on in translation quality to provide accurate translation and design content, layout as similar to the original as possible. In particular, our company provides translation services at reasonable prices and we are always delighted to assist and advise customers. During the working process, customers can discuss and edit directly with the IFK translation team.

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