chuong trinh thuc tap nhat ban ifk



  • This is a program developed by IFK Education and Translation Company Limited in association with partners in Japan.
  • The program is implemented on the cooperation between major universities in Vietnam with the aim to help Vietnamese students have the opportunity to get real hands-on experience that fits with the major.
  • Improving your skills at enterprises in Japan, experiencing the culture, boosting your Japanese, and getting job opportunities after your internship are benefits you can receive. 
lop hoc tieng nhat so cap ifk

Create favorable conditions for Vietnamese students to have the opportunity to experience real work in a professional working environment like Japan.

Help students get used to the working environment in Japan.

3rd - 4th year university student in the Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Foreign Languages - majoring in Japanese language associated with our company.

Receiving units in Japan are Japanese-style hotels, resorts, ski resorts, nursing homes, etc.

Experience jobs in hospitality management (Mainly receptionist, reception, management) (Specifically, including operations related to hotel majors: Table service; Cooking; Professional cleaning, housekeeping; etc.); Experience Japanese Culture; Cooking Japanese-style food; Professional fire prevention and fighting, natural disaster response; Professional hygiene management; Cultural exchange, practical Japanese learning.


Students get paid internship with the actual rate from 15~ to 23 million VND/month

Opportunity to work in Japan

Opportunity to experience culture 

Improve Japanese 

Learn work style

Improve communication skills at work

Get points at school after completing internship

Opportunity to recruit after internship

  • Working with the school
  • On behalf of students to process applications for status of residence
  • Interviews to guide students throughout the internship process
  • Pick up and drop off at Japan - Vietnam airport
  • Check-in in Japan
  • Support students during internship

Intership in Japan

Features of program

It is an opportunity for students to experience real life in Japan, familiarize themselves with the working environment and working culture in Japan.

Getting points for internships at affiliated universities.
Be supported throughout the internship.

Intership in Japan

Process of intership program


Students contact IFK for detailed advice on the program and submit an application to participate in the program and apply for an internship in Japan.

10 days
1 day

Interview - Detailed Introduction

IFK will conduct interviews to select candidates with suitable qualifications and aspirations to guide the receiving Japanese partners.

Documents Preparation

IFK guides students to prepare the necessary documents to apply for the status of residence in Japan, process the necessary documents in Vietnam and Japan.

1 ~ 3 months
3 ~ 5 months

Training N4 - N5

For students who do not yet have basic Japanese language ability N5 N4. IFK will organize classes  before the flight.

Got COE result - Apply for VISA

After passing the COE status in Japan, IFK guides students to complete the procedures for applying for VISA at the Japanese consulate in Vietnam.

2 weeks
1 week

Prepare to Fly

IFK will guide students to buy air tickets and pick them up at the airport in Vietnam and Japan, support students with necessary procedures upon entry and exit,

Internship at the Agency

Students will be able to practice work experience at a Japanese reception agency for a period of 3 to 9 months as prescribed. IFK representatives will periodically visit students' internship status.

3 ~ 9 months
1 week

End of Program

Students will be granted a certificate of completion of the internship program and prepare to return home. IFK will see students off the plane to return home and report to the university to link the student internship results.

Photo Joining the Japanese internship program

We support students to make applications and train Japanese before going to practice in Japan.
Pick up at the airport and always follow the students during the periodical internship once a month, we will go to the internship unit to discuss the student’s situation.
There is always a team of Japanese-speaking staff to support students 24/7.