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IFK Translation and Education Company specializes in providing Japanese – Vietnamese translation services to many domestic and foreign customers. We are proud of being one of the most prestigious and trusted companies in the multilingual translation industry in many different fields.

As a pioneer in notarized translation, IFK confidently affirms that we not only translate quickly but also accurately, we commit the truthfulness of the translation and the company’s representative will take responsibility when there is anything that happens during the process.

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IFK Japanese translation company

IFK notarized translation features

Affordable Price

IFK translations are translated at an affordable price without affecting the quality. Customers can make payments both in Vietnam and Japan. Please send us your documents and we will quote you free of charge.

Professional Translators

All translators in our company have graduated from translation and interpretation major, we also have translators and revisers in both Japanese and Vietnamese.

Quick Translation

IFK translation will support the earliest and fastest translation without incurring urgent translation fees. The translation will be scanned via mail, or EMS due to your request.

Features of Japanese Standard


1. The Most Accurate Translation Available For Immediate Use
  • After carefully rechecking all information, we will provide the best quality translation meeting your requirements.
  • According to general rules, native speakers will be responsible for verifying and controlling the quality of the translation through two stages: edit and review.
2.Ensure Consistency Of Terms In Documents
  • We will create and manage glossary and symbols when you continuously request for translation of related documents.
  • We will update the glossary and symbols based on customers’ feedback to ensure the terms and symbols’ consistency.
  • Glossary and symbols will reduce time for translation and handovers.
  • We will recommend this service according to your request.
3. quick timely delivery
  • The project manager carefully sets the schedule. Thoroughly check the progress.
  • For urgent problems, quickly set up an interpreter team to deal with them.
  • For large documents, set up a translator team or use translation memories to shorten delivery times.
  • When making the first request, it may take a while to validate the content of the request.
4. Answer Questions After Handing Translation Over To Customers
  • We will provide services meeting your requirements.
  • If you have any questions about the translated materials, we will politely respond even after the translated documents have been handed over.
  • According to general rules, we accept to adjust your materials after handing over only one time for free.
  • An additional fee may be charged depending on the content of the amendment.
5. Offer Reasonable Cost For Translation Services
  • We set up reasonable services and prices according to customers’ requirements.
  • We will estimate according to the date you desire.
  • For quality-oriented translation, we provide completely high-quality and standard services.
6. Cherish Your Precious Time
  • We will quickly estimate the number of letters and words in original texts.
  • Even if the materials are formatted as PowerPoint and PDF, we still make a quick estimate by using specialized software.
  • If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone.
  • It may take some time to get a quote for printed documents, faxes, and image files.
7. Offer Prestigious Translation System
  • IFK manages your information tightly.
  • Please let us know if you need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • We have non-disclosure agreements with all translators.
  • By encrypting the data file, it is also possible to manage it with a password and use the cloud computing.
8. Use Specialized Translation Software
  • IFK possesses tools specializing in translation to help save your costs and your time in maximum.
  • There is a large collection of translation templates.
9. Provide excellent customer service

IFK not only provides enthusiastic translation advice to clients, we will provide the best information and guidance on legal procedures related to Japan.

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Affordable Translation Services Meet Customers' Needs


To deliver a better customer experience, IFK consistently strives to scrutinize and harness every detailed information in a careful and thorough approach to produce quality translation of customers’ needs.

IFK sets our own three criteria for the perfection of translations depending on the fields, purposes of use, and customers’ budgets. 


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Prioritizing cost and speed of translation process to adapt examination, and proofreading of that content


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Prioritizing accuracy to adapt profiles, commercial or technical documentations


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Prioritize the utmost accuracy to adapt printing and advertising documents.