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Security in Translation

IFK Education and Translation Co., Ltd

We, IFK Education and Translation Co., Ltd, consider the information (document, drawings, receipts) supplied by customers for translation as the secrets that must be protected and manage strictly. 

For Management and Security

Customer Information

In the translation process, we are aware that the information (documents, drawings, receipts) provided by the customer is very important document, so our company pays close attention to the information management of customer.

Protected Information

The items below will be considered confidential information.

  • Customer’s name/personal information
  • Information (documents, drawings, receipts) provided by customers
Usage Policy

Personal Information

For information provided by customer,  company will only be used within the scope and purpose that has been agreed in advance.

We will comply with the decrees and laws that are regulated by the state regarding the use of personal information.

Our company implements the following measures to prevent the leakage of customers’ important information to 3rd parties who are not related to the company’s work (coordinators, translators, proofreader, DTP designer, ..)

As a rule, we sign an information security commitment with our customers and manage personal information according to a predetermined process. In case of a request from a customer, we will let them check the company’s information security management mechanism or method.

Data Management and Security
  • Strictly comply with information security regulations for company employees
  • Submit signed and stamped confidentiality agreement at the time of work agreement with customers.
  • Commitment to confidentiality of information between the customer and the company (in case of request).
  • The machine shreds important documents or customer-specified documents.

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